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Friday, January 15, 2010

Long trip over

After nearly two years, justice has been served in the case of my neice's death. She was shaken to death by her father. I will probably never forget the morning that I recieved a frantic call from my wife saying that something terrible has happened and that I should leave work ASAP. Barrelling southbound on I-75, I hoped that my wife was being overly dramatic; however, as the day would unfold, my hopes were smashed to pieces. By time I made it home to pick up my wife and mother in law, and then to the Hamilton jail to pick up my sister in law (the mother) Brooklyn was essentially dead. Brooklyn was an absolute angel. She had the biggest, most beautiful eyes one could imagine. Just days earlier, my wife and mother in law had her along with my children at an Easter egg hunt. Anyway, in the aftermath, I pieced together a slideshow as a tribute to Brooklyn.