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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Virgin Post

After seeing my cousin's blog "A Dad First", I thought that I would give blogging a try, but have been struggling to come up with a direction. Should I be political, apolitical, funny, itellectual, etc.? Anyway, cut to the chase, the most defining thing about me right now is that I am a father of two beautiful girls Madison 5 and Kaitlyn 3, husband of my lovely wife Tiffany, and we are expecting triplets around Christmas 2009. The first ultrasound showed twins, and we were estatic. With the second ultrasound showing triplets, we are in shock. As a provider, first thoughts race out in something like there's no earthly way to take on the additional cost of diapers, formula etc. without pimping out my kids as media darlings. As a father, I wonder how there will be time to focus on the current two so they will get all of the attention they need and still help change diapers, feed, etc. all of those things I did with the first two so my wife could catch a break and get the much deserved sleep she needs. As an employee, I've always prioritized family first, and to all of the workaholics out there, I just don't get it. Anyway, in about 7 weeks, as long as the triplets cooperate from the womb, we should be able to find out gender, and yes we definitely want to know gender for preplanning and prepurchasing.

Anyway, this concludes my virgin post. I am quite certain that there will be plenty to write about in the coming months regarding this major life changing event.

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